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  Founded in March 2001, Fuchun Technology Co., Ltd. was listed in ChiNext Board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2012, with its stock abbreviation: Fuchun Stock, code: 300299. The company started from providing communication network constructive technological services for China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, its main business is to provide network development scheme, plans, designs, construction management and business support for communication operators, governments and large enterprises. Through merger and acquisition with Shanghai Junmeng Network Co., Ltd. at the beginning of 2015, it entered the game industry and started the new businesses of cultural consumptions. Through merger and acquisition with Chengdu Moqi Kaka Technology LLC at the end of 2016, the company solidated the game industry and expanded the supply capacity of cultural consumptions. Fuchun stock is a cultural and technological enterprise which has two core business sectors, namely communication technology and cultural consumption.

  In the field of communication technical service, the company serves for the communication network construction and operation of the 3 domestic communication operators, cultivates the appreciation and innovation businesses based communication and big data and serves for construction of private network of governments and large enterprises. Ever since establishment, the company has been the important technical support unit for the construction of “Digital FuJian”, and it has rich construction practices in the field of “Digital China”. Through affiliated enterprises including Beijing Tongchang Designing Institute, Hi-tech Research Institute of Chengdu and Guoxin Youyi Data, etc. whose stocks are held and participated by it, the company has been cultivating in the establishment fields including Internet of Things, 5G, “Broadband China” and “Digital China”, etc. for a long term and helps the main industrial customers like communication operators and governmental departments, etc., applying technologies, giving play to potentials, creating values and serving for society.

  Our company upholds the core value of “achieve others for myself, achieve myself for others”, which adhering to the management concept is “safety, healthy and sustainability”. It encourages staff to “work hard but behave gently”, and proposes the integration and co-construction of party-masses working and enterprise culture, On the path of improving our self-value, we will make our share of contribution to social progress. It supports the staff to achieve the healthy and abundant life of itself at the meantime when achieving the values for customers.