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       Fuchun Technology Inc., found in 2001, goton GEM board in Shenzhen stock exchange in 2012 (SN: 300299), which is atrinity cultural technology company with a collection of communication,entertainment and cultural fields.

      In the field of communication, Fuchun provides technical servicesabout communication network design and so on, involved in famous projects suchas Digital Fujian, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai World Exposition, BeijingOlympics Games.

      In the field of entertainment, Fuchun focuseson mobile network game, strategic mergered Dream2 and Moqikaka, produced famousgames such as ”Qin’s Moon”, “RO: Renaissance” and “New Big Master”.

     In the field of culture, Fuchun constructsIP Ecosystem, strategic invested network novel, ACG, movie and stars, publishedfamous IP such as “Life After Life, Blooms over Blooms” “Hundred Tempers MakesGod” and “Twelve Hours in Chang’an”.